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The Notre Dame MBA

City Tour

Our first choice would be to host all interested candidates on campus for a full visit, but if you can't make the trip then City Tours are your opportunity to meet ND/MBA Admissions staff on the road.

You can complete an admissions interview and get your questions about the program answered in-person. Dates and times are updated regularly throughout the recruiting cycle. Please call the MBA Office at (574) 631-8488 if you have questions

Please complete the following information and a Notre Dame Admissions team member will contact you with the interviewing details.

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    October 6, 2014   Chicago, IL
    October 7, 2014   Chicago, IL
    October 8, 2014   Minneapolis, MN
    October 9, 2014   Minneapolis, MN
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*Please note that requests from current-cycle applicants will be given first priority.

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